Multi-layer solid plank production, veneer peeling machine production than the traditional planer-

21 Nov 2018 15:41

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1, Surface heat treatment: improve the wear resistance of veneer peeling machine knife, mainly to improve the veneer peeling machine resistance to abrasion wear, improve the ability to resist corrosion wear.The proper heat treatment of veneer peeling machine can improve the hardness of the surface and increase the wear resistance of the tool.Veneer-peeling-machine1.png First, the reason for wood, if the wood is too fine and bent, in the spinning process veneer peeling machine will increase the automatic feed pressure, wood will be forcibly pressed straight and spinning, and then make veneer peeling machine appear force uneven phenomenon, accelerate its wear.There are card veneer peeling machine There are common two reasons for jumping knives: veneer peeling machine knife height has not been adjusted; there is also a place where veneer peeling machine is placed with high and low ups and downs.Look is a simple two small problems, in fact, is also the most easy to ignore, we are here to give you a wake-up call.We see a lot of netizens on the internet in the question: there is a card veneer peeling machine why always jump knife, appear to jump knife is not going to change the knife? For this reason, we looked for a lot of information, today first to share veneer peeling machine There are two reasons to jump knife.Second, the wood in the growth process or storage will always have a sunny side to the yin characteristics, so the two sides of the wood density and dry and wet degree is different, so veneer peeling machine in the spin of such wood when the force applied is different, will also accelerate its damage.The use of veneer peeling machine is that wood production and processing has become more simple and fast, but now the emergence of multi-function machines has led to a greater improvement in this advantage, I believe that our wood processing will have a better development.A machine multi-use veneer peeling machine do not have to be in the peeling is always changing the hanging wheel, it uses a sliding speed speed motor to change the peeling thickness, it is very convenient to use.Change the thickness just change the speed of the speed meter can be.In addition, it also added the upper slide, so that the inlet knife more uniform, the board uniformity is better.In addition, it breaks the previous single shortage of processed wood, now for a variety of wood can be normal production and processing.As a result of the improvement of production equipment technology, so now the requirements for workers are relatively lower, so that more people engaged in wood processing, wood production more able to meet the needs of the market.Now the plate whether in the decoration market or in the furniture production market has a lot of room for development, so now more and more people began to turn to the wood processing and production industry, accompanied by the rapid development of the wood processing industry, indirectly also promote the development of wood processing equipment, especially in the wood processing industry using more Vene ER peeling machine, but also with the passage of time, as well as the continuous improvement of technology, veneer peeling machine function is constantly strengthening.Originally can only be dedicated to the special plane, but now some veneer peeling machine but can achieve a multi-purpose machine.At the beginning, under the limitation of technology, veneer peeling machine can only be dedicated to special aircraft, that is to say, veneer peeling machine can only be used for the processing of a wood, for like other varieties of wood can only continue to operate by replacing the Rotary blade, For the pursuit of high efficiency today, it has been slowly eliminated.However, now completely different, a machine multi-use veneer peeling machine has been introduced.2, seepage layer treatment: through the seepage layer technology can make veneer peeling machine knife surface chemical composition changes, so that the tool wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be improved.  Planer can not adapt to the development of the market encountered by the elimination of the reasons are: low efficiency, thickness deviation is large, product surface uneven, not only will affect the quality of thin wood, but also reduce the wood yield.Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood, divided into a card veneer peeling machine and a card-free veneer peeling machine, and the emergence of a card veneer peeling machine not only High the quality and accuracy of the production of veneer, however, even the more efficient equipment will fail.  Multi-layer solid plank production for machinery more and more high selectivity, in order to better adapt to market demand to meet people's daily life, maximize energy conservation.Production and processing machinery has been in the planer era of natural excessive to veneer peeling machine efficient production practice process.

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